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Suspicion of Abuse Survey

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Suspicion of Abuse Survey (Study 3B) Do you suspect or know that your dog was abused prior to joining your household? Best Friends Animal Society needs your help! Dr Franklin McMillan, Director of Well-Being Studies, is conducting a national study on abused dogs. The study seeks to answer many questions, among them: •What factors lead people to suspect their dog was abused? •What does abuse do to dogs emotionally and psychologically?What is the psychological make-up of dogs who have a history of abuse? •How harmful are the effects, how long do they last, and what is the rate of recovery? •What are the best treatment methods, and do different types of abuse respond best to different types of treatment? •Are there any psychological signs that are particularly helpful in determining that a dog with an unknown history was abused? If you have any reason to suspect that your dog may have been abused, please help us to better understand the effects of abuse by taking this survey: