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City Dog, Country Dog

By Elizabeth Wasserman Andrea Linne's 18-month-old miniature French poodle, Charlie, is accustomed to taking walks on a leash through the New York City streets and to life in an apartment building. During a recent trip to the country, however, this city dog enjoyed running free in a fenced-in yard and walking along the beach. "You can't do that in Central Park," Linne says. But she made sure to protect Charlie against some of the hazards of country life for dogs. She sprayed him with tick repellant. She also frequently checked his coat for fleas and burrs. Linne knows that the environment in which Charlie and all other dogs are raised can have a profound sense on the pet's temperament, preferences, and tolerance of such things as loud noises and other animals. A city dog may be used to meeting other canines at a public dog park or run. A country dog may know to avoid eating dangerous plants, like mushrooms, or downing too much grass. But dog owners should be aware that there are factors to consider if you plan to move a dog out of one environment and into another environment, even for a visit. Read the rest of this entry »