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Dog Aggression and How to Correct It.

There are four main types of aggressive behaviors: Handler aggression (when the dog shows aggression toward the owner) Dog to dog aggression (when the dog shows aggression toward other dogs, but not to humans) Dog to other animal aggression (such as killing chickens). Pain-reactive aggression. Within these four categories, there are several sub-categories, such as: Dominance aggression(protecting himself) Defensive aggression Fear aggressionn (protecting master,children) Territorial aggression Protective aggression Maternal aggression (protecting her puppies) There are also several combinations of these sub-categories which can make diagnosing the type of aggression your dog is showing, difficult. Your dog’s problems will be primarily fixed by: 1. Understanding the type of dog aggression you’re dealing with., so that your dog will listen to your commands, respect those commands, want to please you, and bond with you more. 2. Establishing yourself as the dog’s pack leader 3. Correcting the dog-- which is fundamentally a way of communicating your displeasure with the display of aggressive behavior, and teaching the dog that it is not an acceptable response to the stimuli. “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!” is the easy way to train your dog and fix behavior problems. Provides consultation and guidance with access to a private, member’s-only “Master Dog Trainer Inner Circle” discussion forum. Photo & demonstrations to speed up the learning process AND step-by-step tutorials click me