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Cat Registries
Cat Registries are organisation that registers cats for exhibition and breeding purposes. A
cat registry stores the pedigrees (genealogies) of cats, prefixes or affixes of catteries,
studbooks (lists of authorised studs of recognised breeds), breed descriptions and the
standards of points (SoP) for those breeds; lists of judges qualified to judge at shows run
by, or affiliated with, that registry. A cat registry is not the same as a cat club or breed
society (these may be affiliated with one or more registries with whom they have lodged
breed standards in order to be able to exhibit under the auspices of that registry).

Cat Registries have their own rules and also organise or licence
cat shows. The show
procedures vary widely and awards won in one registry are not normally recognised by
The International Cat Association  (TICA) is the world's largest
genetic registry of purebred and household pet cats and one of the
world's largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows.
Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) has a long and proud history of
progressive action including support for feline health research,
disaster relief, purebred rescue, and for the welfare of all cats.
It has maintained a focus on quality in its breed standards,
registration and pedigrees, as well as in its judging program.
The American Cat Fanciers Association  (ACFA) was formed in
1955 by a group of Cat Fanciers seeking greater flexibility in the
development of cats, the activities of cat lovers and greater freedom
for growth and harmony with contemporary needs of the individual
The Canadian Cat Association (CCA) was formed in 1960. Until
that time all registrations had to be filed in the United States or
Europe and all cat shows held in Canada were held under the
rules of American associations. To date the Canadian Cat
Association has over 190,000 individual cats registered.
The Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) is an  international cat
fancier society originally conceived in  Paris in 1949 between the
Royal Cat Society of Flanders , the French Cat Federation  and the
Italian Cat Society. It has 75,000 members  80,000 pedigrees and
2000 cattery names a year are registered
The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is the primary
governing body of the Cat Fancy in the United Kingdom - the feline
equivalent of the Kennel Club.
The World Cat Federation (WCF) was founded on 1988 in Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil by three clubs which were seeking more
democratic and human procedures in the cat fancy.  The WCF
consists of more than 540 clubs throughout the world covering
all continents including the United States.  The WCF is
registered in Germany.
The Australian Cat Federation Inc,  (ACF) formed in 1972, is an
Australia wide recommendatory body with affiliates in all States and
Territories. They promote the welfare of all cats, the responsible
breeding and showing of the recognized breeds of cats, and the
showing of desexed domestic cats.
The Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA) formed in 1979
to create a uniform policy for the conduct of shows, appointment of
judges, registration of cats, definition of classes and the awarding
of championships, to make life easier for the exhibitors and
breeders of cats in Australia
The New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF) is the primary cat registry and
governing body for cat clubs and their members in New Zealand
who are interested in the breeding, welfare, and showing of
pedigree and domestic cats. It representing many members and 37
affiliate member clubs, encompassing both specialist and all breeds
The Cat Federation of Southern Africa (CFSA)   is a voluntary
federation in existence for the purpose of coordinating all aspects
relating to the Cat Fancy in Southern Africa. It has been formed on
the basis of the highest moral and ethical principles as a service to
answer the needs of Southern African cat breeders and fanciers.
The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA) Founded in 1987,  is an  
all breed association. Their goal is to Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate,
and Promote  the Traditional© and Classic© Breeds from extinction
caused by all other cat associations.  It keeps its own registry to
help keep the purebred cat pure.
The United Feline Organization (UFO), founded in 1994, provides a
professional cat registry for cat fanciers, breeders and exhibitors
who desire to have fun while pursuing their hobby of breeding and
showing their pedigree cats, and also to provide a place for
non-pedigreed cats to be registered and shown.
The American Association of Cat Enthusiasts, Inc. (AACE) was
founded in 1993. AACE recognizes 47 Breeds in the
Championship/Alter classes, and has a Household Pet class. Since
1993 AACE has registered over 20,000 cats, 1,500 catteries, and
has 50 member clubs.
  The Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF) is a feline registry with clubs
and judges in North Eastern portions of the United States.   CFF
registers Pedigreed Cats as well as Household Pets so that they
can win National or Regional awards from CFF
  The Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR)was founded in 1984 to
promote the responsible development of new breeds of domestic
and feral/domestic hybrid cats. Specialises in cats derived from (or
alleged to derive from) hybrids with wildcat species.
  The Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA) recognises breeds derived from
the short-legged Munchkin (a cat body type genetic mutation) which
are banned by FIFe and some other registries
The Dwarf Cat Association Mission Statement - to work with
breeders in the development, registration, advancement and
promotion of all dwarf breed cats.
The World Cat Congress (WCC) is an international coordinating organisation of the largest
cat registries. The WCC operates an "open Doors" policy by which cats registered with one
registry can be shown under the rules of another registry.
The World Cat Congress was established to promote better understanding and co-operation
among the world's major cat associations in matters of mutual interest and concern such as
cat legislation and feline welfare which affects all cat lovers.
Dedicated to the health of
all felines
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Feline Genome Project
The Feline Genome Project is
an effort to develop feline
specific genetic tools and
resources to improve feline and
human health. The effort
promotes the interaction of
feline researchers, from various
disciplines, to advance the
genetics of the domestic cat.
Many diseases and phenotypic
traits of the cat represent
interesting biological processes
that are important to human
health and other animals.
Using the cat as an animal
model, the Feline Genome
Project hopes to elucidate the
genes controlling simple and
complex traits and diseases
that are found in the cat and
other species. General
population dynamics of breed
and domestic cat evolution are
also a focus of the project.
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