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All dogs need grooming, but some dog breeds need a lot more grooming  
than others.

Because dog grooming is one of the most tedious jobs a dog owner does,
when choosing a pet first determine if you have the time and patience to
care for one with a coat that needs regular
combing and grooming. If not,
then you should get a dog that needs no special attention when it comes
to grooming.

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining not only your dog's
appearance, but are also necessary for his/her health.

Brush your pet thoroughly every day. This helps keep his or her hair in
good condition by removing dirt, spreading the natural oils throughout the
coat, preventing tangles from forming,  and keeping the skin clean and free
from irritation.

Long coats need brushing several times each week.

Non-shedding coats needs clipping on a regular basis, to keep their coat and
skin healthy. These dogs also need to have their ear hair removed.

Silky coats needs a lot of grooming. The dead hair has to be removed to
prevent the dog from getting mats.

Wiry coats need hand stripping, usually twice a year, or clipping regularly.
Smooth coats are the easiest to groom. A comb is all you really need.

Trim your dog's nails at least once per month. Use  a nail clipper designed
specifically for the kind of companion animal you have.

Ear care is an important part of grooming. Ear infections can  be painful,
and may lead to permanent hearing loss. Check your dog's ears twice per

Dog's teeth can get cavities and develop periodontal disease, so their
teeth should be cleaned with a pet toothpaste at least twice per week.
Cartoon dog bathing
dog grooming table
Grooming Table with Arm
Cast aluminum
through-the-table arm clamp
offers superior stability.
Plated heavy-duty arm adjusts to 36”
high (48” high on large dog model).
Non skid vinyl mat
Canine Grooming

Dryblowing Dogs
Dry one area at a time. Comb the coat through before drying to make
sure there are no tangles or mats.
Dogs only need bathing when they are dirty.
Frequent bathing dries out the  skin and leads to
itching, bacterial skin infections and skin rashes.
Use a mild
dog shampoo. The  head should be
shampooed last, paying particular care to ensure
that no shampoo gets into his eyes, ears, and
nose..Removing  the shampoo is the most important
part in bathing dogs, so be sure to rinse several
times with warm water. Towel dry by blotting
and pressing the towel against the coat.  Be sure to
brush him or her before each bath in order to get all
of the mats out the coat first.