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Nutritional Supplements - Bilberry for Eye Health
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The herb bilberry, often used for eye health and other health conditions, contains
anthocyanoside flavonoids which provide structural support for the eye. The
anthocyanoside flavonoids found in bilberry have an affinity for ocular connective
tissue, thus providing structural support for the retina, cornea, and other constituents
of the eye.

•        NO Artificial Coloring, Flavoring or Preservatives
•        NO Corn, Gluten, Soy, Wheat or Yeast
•        NO Dairy products
•        NO Salt or Sugar

Bilberry has been shown to enhance vision and healthy eye function through multiple
mechanisms. As a source of powerful antioxidants, bilberry helps protect the cells of
the eye against free radical damage. The anthocyanosides found in bilberry also help
strengthen blood vessel walls and reinforce connective tissue, leading to improved
circulation in the small blood vessels found in the eye. The increased delivery of oxygen
and nutrient-rich blood to the eye can have a beneficial impact on all aspects of ocular
health. Research has also shown that bilberry anthocyanosides have a unique affinity
for rhodopsin, a photosensitive pigment in the retinal rods, which are responsible for
night vision and adjustments to light and dark.

Available in 60 capsules

Bilberry Fruit Extract (Vaccinium myrtillus) 160 mg

Other Ingredients - cellulose, vegetable capsule (modified cellulose), and magnesium
This product contains ingredients of animal origin; color variations are normal.
Suggested Dosage Instructions
Pet Type  
Dosage Amount
1/8 – 1/4 capsule daily
Less Than 25 lbs
1/4 capsule daily
  25 - 50 lbs
1/2 capsule daily
  50 - 100 lbs
1 capsule daily
  100+ lbs
1 1/2 - 2 capsules daily
A few things to keep in mind when using nutritional supplements

•        Nutritional supplements take time to build in the system, so do not expect
immediate results. It can take from several days up to a week or more to know if the
supplement is effective, depending upon the severity of the issue being treated and
the overall vitality of the animal.

•        Suggested dosages may need to be adjusted depending on the animal’s
response. If vomiting, diarrhea or other signs of intolerance occur the remedy should
be stopped for two days, and then half the original dose can be administered to see if
the lower dose can be tolerated.

•        Begin only one supplement, remedy or medication of any kind at a time. Do not
add another remedy until you have established if there is a response or there are
signs of intolerance. (Unless you are working with a holistic veterinarian familiar with
the remedies prescribed).

•        Supplements and natural remedies work best on an animal whose system is
given the best possible conditions for health and healing, including the healthiest and
freshest diet possible along with proper nutritional and digestive supplements such as
digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids and adequate levels of essential vitamins and

•        Check with a knowledgeable veterinarian if your companion is on any
conventional medications that the nutritional supplement could interact with.

Please keep in mind that response to nutritional supplements varies by individual. If
your pet's symptoms worsen or change in any way that concerns you, discontinue use
of any supplements and contact your veterinarian.