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Dog Friendly Beaches and Parks

Many dogs enjoy a day at the beach.  
Unfortunately, many dog-owners are
not responsible and  either blatantly
disregard local leash laws, make no
effort to control their dog(s) or do not
clean up after their pets, thus spoiling the beach experience for everyone else. There are less and
less public beaches in North America where dogs are welcome, and only a handful of leash-free
dog beaches. Be responsible.

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dogs swimming at dog beach
Many dogs enjoy swimming, as
seen at this popular Dog Beach. If
you take yours swimming in the
ocean, rinse the salt out of their fur
as soon as possible.
Pet Etiquette For beaches and parks.

1.Know the dog beaches and park's rules, and follow them. Always keep your dog leashed when there is a
leash law.

2. Keep your dog on the leash until you're on the beach or inside the park's fenced area.

3. Never leave your dog unattended, even in an off-leash dog beach or park.

4.If using an official off-leash area, your dog needs to be well-behaved and must listen to your verbal
commands. Maintain voice control over your dog at all times.

5. Do not let your dog visit with other beach-goers or dogs, unless welcomed.

6.If your dog starts to play rough, leash him or her and leave the beach or the park immediately.

7.Don't bring toys that dogs could fight over.

8.Keep your dog's vaccinations up-to-date.

Never bring a female dog in heat to a dog beach or park.

10. Always clean up after your pet by using a poop bag or pooper scooper.

11 .If your dog has to be on a leash all the time,
don't bring him to an off-leash beach or park. This creates
problems both for him and the other dogs.

12. A dog beach or off-leash park is
not a great place for small children. These are places for dogs to run
 Keep your child out of the way.
dogs swimming
dogs running on beach