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Traveling  with Pets
It will be risky to just let them linger inside. You need to make sure that they have
a resting place where they can be comfortable while they are traveling. It is vital
for them to be comfortable since dogs often get motion sickness. There are motion
sickness medicines but of course, you can use the herbal one so it will not cause
any adverse effect on your dog. Even if you ask your vet, they will tell you to use
herbal medicine for your dog's motion sickness problem.

You need to make sure that your dog will be properly seated and placed using a
dog collar and other means. It will be best to use such devices so that they will not
get out of the car easily. Even if your dog is trained, it is so hard to go back home
when you have traveled miles farther already. When you travel along with your
dog, make sure that he has all the important information about you so if someone
will find him; they can return him to you. It is still best if you will not lose your dog.
You need to train him how to sit and stay in one place as you drive and while you
are not telling him to move. Make sure that your dog has seat belt of his own so
he will not lose your sight.

There are instances when you need to get out of the car, if you cannot leash him,
don't leave him unattended. Unless you are on a park, don't leave him alone. If
you can, don't feed your dog inside the car, don't teach him how to eat there
because he will think it is just normal to eat there all the time. What you can do is
to stop and find a place where you can feed him and give him enough amount of
water. You need to make sure that they you have adequate amount of water so
your dog will be able to drink from time to time. This is important to make sure that
he will not be dehydrated.

When you need to go out take along your dog or ask someone to watch over him
when you have a companion. It will be best so you will not leave him unattended;
leaving him behind inside the care might lead to suffocation so you shouldn't let
this happen.

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Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe and Comfortable While Traveling

by Jim Stevens
Dog owners usually take their dogs to various places but
before attempting to take along your dog during travel, you
need to make sure that there will be a comfortable place for
them inside your car.