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Having a great,  fun vacation with your pet consists of  much more than just getting
there and finding a pet-friendly lodging. It includes finding things to do and places to
take your pet once you arrive.
Pet Friendly Travel
Dining and Shopping
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Dining With Your Dog

Most of Europe has restaurants, cafes and pubs where your
well-behaved dog is welcome to be with you while you eat. (
Austria, Germany, France, and  UK are especially dog-friendly)  
And There is no problem with the dogs other than the fact that
some cat lovers don't like them.  The dogs are all well-behaved,
and the owners are equally well-trained. This is not the case in
North America.
"The pub must serve decent
beer [and] be part of the
local community. The food
must be simple and good,
but should not eclipse the
important business of
drinking. It should not be so
popular that the locals have
been squeezed out, nor so
exclusive that it did not
welcome the colonel and the
cleaning lady. Ideally, there
should be no piped music,
no microwaves and no
electronic games. Dogs,
gumboots and smoking must
be allowed. Children could
be seen, but should not be
Source: Adam Edwards,
The Daily Telegraph, 2 2 02.
French Dog in Restaurant
French dogs eat out at restaurants
with their owners and are often
given their own chair at the
restaurant table, with their own
Dog in restaurant in Kiev
A dog sniffs its food in  'Tampopo' in
the center of Kiev. Tampopo is the
first restaurant for visitors with their
pets in the capital of the ex-Soviet
Ukraine. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich ,
April 15, 200
Most Swiss restaurants
will let you bring in a
well-behaved pet.
However, it's considered bad
manners to have your dog
sit in a chair while eating
Unless, of course, it knows
how to use silverware.
(Switzerland with your dog)
Unlike Euorope, indoor eating establishments in USA and Canada  ban all pets except
assistance dogs.  Dining with your dog is limited to outdoor restaurants, cafes and
bars. At the time of this writing we could not find any establishments which allow you to
take your pet indoors.

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With the exception of butcher shops and fresh produce stores, most shops and
department stores  in Europe will allow you to take in your well-behaved, leashed dog.  
Not so in Canada and the USA.  With the exception  of assistance dogs and very small
dogs carried in "
tote bags," malls, stores and shopping centers  generally do not allow

Some open-air markets, and individual stores  in "tourist" areas do allow dogs. These
are rare.  ( Most Pet Stores allow vaccinated pets on leash, i.e
Pet Smart, Pet Value and other large pet food stores...and doggies love it))
Pet Friendly Shopping Malls in the U.S.
dog at table