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Traveling  with Pets
Remember, It’s no fun riding in
the car when your vision is
limited to the dashboard, seats,
door handles and sky. Small
dogs  need
elevated seats  to
enjoy the scenery.
Prepare your dog for car travel.
Although most dogs love going
for car rides, they need to be
introduced to car travel in a non-
threatening, pleasant way.

Before embarking on a vacation
with your dog,  get him used to
moving vehicles. Start by driving
him around a block or two, then  
gradually prolong the ride.

Do not make going to the vet the
only time your dog rides in the
car. Take  pleasant rides to
places like parks and beaches
and he will  look forward to a car
ride as much as he does a walk..
Travel Safely Pet Carriers
A quality dog carrier bag helps provide a safe and secure place for your pet when
traveling in cars, bicycles, motorcycles or airplanes. And a carrier should come with
certain features for the comfort and safety of your cat or dog and you.

If you are searching for pet travel carriers, here are characteristics to look for:

1 –
Securely Holds Your Pet – in a car, a sudden stop can mean your unsecured
pet goes sliding or crashing onto the floor. The carrier should have a seat belt slot
for securing with the seat belt or headrest. And
seat belts for your dog will provide
the security you’ll want when the unexpected happens.

2 –
Protects the Car Interior – when you use your automobile to transport your
pet, you’ll appreciate having a washable protective cover or pad that comes with
the travel pet carrier.

3 –
Provides a Comfortable Ride – the carrier seat back and bottom should be
padded for the comfort of your pet. Both of you will enjoy being on the go knowing
the padding ensures not only a secure ride, but one that is comfortable for them
as well.

4 –
Is Convertible – this means a quality travel pet carrier can be easily used in a
car, on a plane, carried by you or used at your destination. Airlines have certain
restrictions for carry-on baggage and carriers for stowing under a plane seat.
Upon arrival at your destination airport, the carrier is easily carried by hand or
perhaps convertible into a comfortable backpack with padded shoulder straps for
ease of carrying.

If your pet needs to be secured in an automobile, it can be done in just a moment.
Upon arrival at your place to stay, the carrier can be converted into a fold-out bed
for their enjoyment.

5 –
Has Storage Compartments – made well, a quality pet carrier provides you
peace of mind and at the same time helps you keep their accessories organized
and handy when needed.

As for traveling, is your pet an experienced traveler? If not, think about beginning
to help your pet become accustomed to traveling so that a trip will not be
something new for them. Make sure you make your car a fun place for your pet.
Get inside the car with them and play, give them a treat and help them enjoy
being in the car with you.

After doing this a few times, then take a brief drive with them. Do it again and
increase the time and distance that you drive. The idea is to have them become
comfortable in the car for extended periods of time before making a longer trip.

And remember to be very careful while taking vacations in warm or hot weather.
Leaving your dog or cat inside the car can be deadly, even when the outside
temperature appears to not be that hot. Car interiors can reach 100 degrees or
higher, especially when parked in the sun. At these temperatures, it does not take
long to cause serious harm to your pet.

Traveling can be a lot of fun and a safe experience for you and for them, and using
a quality carrier can help make that happen. Keep the above characteristics in
mind as you search online for that perfect travel pet carrier that will last for many
fun years to come
Petmate Softsided Kennel
Cab Dog Carrier
Small, inconspicuous case
your pet will enjoy
Cool mesh ventilation with
zippered front door and top
loading door     
Exterior rear pocket for toys
and treats     
Easy to carry,,adjustable
shoulder strap    
Measures 20 x 11.5 x 12