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Traveling  with Pets by Train or Bus

Travel By Train or Bus

Except for Assistance Dogs, which are not considered pets, no
national commercial carriers (Amtrak, VIA Rail, Greyhound) in North
America allow pets as passengers.

Dogs of all sizes are allowed on some regional trains and buses in the U.S. and  
Canada - including the subway and buses  in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and
Toronto.  In addition, well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed on the Metro North
Trains serving New York City and points in the northern New York Suburbs, points up
to the Catskill area and New Haven, Connecticut.

Dog-Friendly Public Transportation In the United States and Canada.
(Light Rail, Trains, Buses, Ferries)

Leashed dogs of all sizes are allowed on short and long distance  trains in England.
France, Germany and most other  European countries.