Physical Fitness Training With Your Dog

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Physical Fitness Training With Your Dog By Crissi Johansson 

If you’re feeling a bit out of shape and perhaps, have been told by your doctor that you need to lose weight, you might also find that your dog could do with the exercise too.

Fitness Training with Dogs

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to spend time with each other while both getting into shape at the same time. Regular exercise will give you and your dog extended, healthier lives. 

You probably won’t be wishing to run a marathon with your canine pal, and you needn’t do so. A simple walk or jog on regular occasions could be all that’s needed to do the job.

Running with the Pack

When you go out running/walking or jogging with your dog, you are bonding with the animal as well as keeping your body in shape. Your dog will grow closer and you will start to talk the same language so to speak. 

Just as you will need to be eased into the process of exercise if you haven’t done any for a long period of time, so too will your dog. You can perhaps start out on sessions of 20 minutes or so, gradually increasing the intensity and time you are exercising for. 

Start small for Bigger Fitness

Just observe your dog. Does he look shattered? Perhaps you should call it a day for the moment. If the exercise is kept up regularly, both you and your dog will soon be running for hours without feeling any strain. You can start your routines wherever you wish, but always keep in mind safety. 

Safety First

You don’t want your dog tearing away towards oncoming traffic or jumping at passers-by. So you may need to have taken your dog to some kind of obedience class prior to starting your outdoor exercise. 

These classes will help to teach your dog the basic codes of conduct in public areas, which will mean that you can do your exercise without having to worry that your dog is going to terrorize some poor family or attack another dog. 

However, you must keep in mind that the older your dog gets without having the correct behavioral training the more reluctant he will be to training and his unruly behavior may be hard to overturn. 

You will need to be able to get your dog to sit, stay, and come if he’s going to be good company in your daily activities. You need to also take a leash with you at all times and keep your dog on it when necessary. 

Going to the park can be the best way to commence training, being a generally safe spot for your dog free from traffic and so on… 

Bring along with you some doggy bags and some water for you and your dog as required. You’ll probably be able to find a Dog park 

if you look around your local area. These are great places for your dog to socialize. You can also generally find cafes that accept dogs and even feed them lunch within the radius of these parks. 

Again, make sure your dog is trained around food so that he doesn’t become aggressive to other dogs as he eats.  Content written by Crissi Johansson of Oh My Dog Supplies look for limited time deals on large dog toys online.

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